Cloud mining : a case study

We have been cloud mining for the last 2 years with Genesis Mining. This article is a recapitulation of how much money we made using their service. Note that investing in cloud mining is a risky operation, this is why I recommend you to read my blog post: Cloud mining : what are the risks and how to minimize them?.

Comparison table of Genesis Mining Contracts

The following table is a comparison of the mining contracts provided by Genesis Mining. Note that the return on investment does not take into account the fact that the price of the coins increased, it is the sum of the payouts received month by month with the exchange rate at that time.

* the typical contract period is 2 years on Genesis Mining


An investment two years ago turned out to be a good operation. However, it is important to note that investing in cloud mining right now is probably not as good as it used to be.
Note: If you still want to buy a Genesis mining service, you can get a 3% off if you use our promo-code: OebC5f.


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