Promo code for Genesis mining

You can use this free promo code for Genesis mining, it will make your Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin or Monero mining cheaper than ever.


This partnership we have with Genesis mining is very interesting. In fact, I have checked a lot of websites and I coud not found any promo code that provide a better discount. If you have heard of a better promo code, just let me know in the comment. As far as I know, this is really the best for Genesis Mining. Last time I used it (June 2017) the promo code was working and I got 3% off.

How to use this code?

It really is not that hard, just before confirming your transaction, enter the code in the following field:
...and you are done!!!

How much money can I save?

It really depends on your investment, here are a few examples of how much money you can save using our promo code:
  • If you invest a minimum of $150 you save at least $4,5.
  • If you invest a minimum of $500 you save at least $15.
  • If you invest a minimum of $4500 you save at least $135.


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